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Hollywood in the Park TeCheetah's LATEST EPISODE

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Te’Cheetah has graced the stage and been backed by some of the greatest musicians of all time, including former members of Malo, Dramatics, Tierra, Sly and the Family Stone, and El Chicano, to name a few. Her specialty is taking different genres of music, from love songs, up-tempo samba’s, R&B, and jazz tunes, and turning them into a flavoring of her own, by putting her Latin flair on them. The results are tunes that move the body, stir the soul, and launch the mind to higher musical heights, with a funky salsa, jazz, and Latin foundation.

TeCheetah Radio

  1. So Fine TeCheetah-Abrazame 1:30
  2. Oye Como Va TeCheetah-Salsa Soul Fuzion 5:27
  3. Con un Amor (Latin House Remix) TeCheetah-Her House Vibe 3:22
  4. Aint Nothing Like a Song TeCheetah-Abrazame 1:30

"LA SUERTE' Official Video - TeCheetah Lopez

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